Touch the Earth

Touch the Earth

Touch the Earth is ground control for the project.

It’s been my grassroots off-grid home in the bush outside of Sydney, Australia, for the past 40 years.

I’ve always regarded my self more as caretaker of the nature here than owner of a property.

My philosophy from the start has been “open house” for anyone, providing they respect the nature of the place. It started with a horse-drawn “gipsy” camp and since then several thousand people have spent at least a night in the gentle but strong energy of the nature here. Many have found it a life changing experience.

It’s a wonderful, wild, off-grid 40 acres of Australian bushland inside a half-million acre national park.

There is a simple campground at Touch the Earth devoted to broad spectrum spiritual growth – everything from sweat lodge, firewalk, vision quest to formal yoga and meditation, personal retreat and music/art festivals.

It’s essentially an unconventional awareness centre. People ask me what I grow here. “We grow people”

You can find out more about Touch the Earth by visiting our facebook page.

- Sahaj ~ ‘ ~

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