About GlobaliseLove.com

Why globalise love? The only thing that will truly change the present situation on the planet is a shift in human consciousness into Universal Love. I see it as a necessity, not an ideal.

SahajI have huge respect for people who are working on the ground in areas of poverty, disease, abuse etc.
I happen to be a communicator and this project is my contribution.

I’m not expressing anything new but through Globalise Love, I seek to express it in a way that will reach a wider audience and encourage others to be engaged.

It’s simply about consciously creating a more loving and caring and, therefore, more joyful and celebratory humanity.


How did the project come about? Way back at the time of the United States driven invasion of Iraq, a guy with a T shirt stall at Byron Bay markets produced “Globalise Love” T-shirts as a statement against the invasion. I bought 2 immediately. As I wore them in public, I observed that all sorts of people were somehow shocked by the idea. They would do an almost subliminal double take or look away. It seems almost absurd to me, but the idea was somehow scary to most people. I saw T-shirt guy several months later to buy some more. He said he was no longer making them because, although some people liked the idea, they were too scared to wear such a message in public! I still have the 2 originals, albeit, with many holes and scars.

The idea sat with me for years. About 4 years ago, I woke up one morning with a strong message to register the domain names globaliselove.com, net, org etc. which I promptly did that day. They have lain there dormant in the virtual world until now – essentially waiting for me to be ready in my own growth to launch the project you’re engaged in here and now – www.globaliselove.com .

Now the world has moved on and I’m regularly moved by people’s responses to seeing me wearing the message.

Spread the

Be a part of a Global Love Community and spread the message of love with GlobaliseLove.com swag.

The T’s are fun and look great but they’re also your tools to practice Love in your life... Please wear them with awareness.

All T-shirts are lightweight, 100% quality cotton, printed in Byron Bay

Mens Black t-shirt
white t-shirt and singlet
Womens Black T-Shirt

All our products are designed to support you in spreading the Love and your purchases fund the project.
If you’d like to know the back story to Globalise Love check out our “about” page.

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